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    Driving Range

The Finkbine Golf Course “Driving Range” is open to the public everyday during the golf season.  Range balls and prepaid Range Cards may be purchased in the golf shop (no purchase options at the machine itself).


  • Close on Sunday afternoons
    • Unless Monday is holiday, then closed on Monday afternoon
  • Closed before 10:00 AM on Mondays
    • Unless Monday is a holiday, then closed before 10 AM on Tuesday
  • Prior to potential Events/Outings*
  • Home Iowa Football Game Weekends
    • Close on Fridays at 1:00 PM and will re-open late Sunday mornings

Rates (purchase in pro shop)

  • Small (~30 balls) – $4.50
  • Medium (~60 balls) – $8.00
  • Large (~90 balls) – $11.00

    *NOTE: ALL balls for each size are dispensed upon selection

Pre-paid Range Card – $55 (minimum required to start; no maximum)

*FREE Large (90 balls) included with every $55 purchase towards card!
**Reload card when it gets low or reaches $0


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